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Live Virtual Programs

Connecting virtually to your team and organization.
Technology has made a major impact on the way that we learn. New models of virtual learning have broken down many of the previous barriers that impeded the acceptance of online programs. Virtual learning experiences have become more interactive, compelling, and personal. No longer are expensive satellite hookups and special meeting rooms required. Now all that is needed is an internet connection and your phone.
AthenaOnline has been producing online programs since 1994. First as asynchronous, gamified, CD-ROM programs; and later as interactive online courses. In 1999 Athena developed the first enterprise microlearning platform and programs. Recently AthenaOnline has been producing live, online programs with thought-leaders, both independently and in partnership with our sister company The Institute for Management Studies, as we helped to enhance their classroom programs and ultimately move programs online during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Global Workplace Analytics estimates that as many as 48 million people will remotely by the end of 2021.
In all cases Athena has strived to create a compelling and interactive learning experience; one that offers both production value and interactivity, realizing that leadership development is as much about the conversation as it is the dissemination of information. Polling, breakout rooms, annotation, drip-learning, discussion board, certificates and follow-up are all tools that Athena utilizes to make an experience that can recreate much of a classroom experience when your team cannot all be in the same location.
Live virtual presentation on set in the studio.
With more organizations working in distributed teams, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, Athena anticipates that virtual learning will play a much bigger role in learning and development. Physically distanced production will be key in creating experiences with high production value and interactivity. AthenaOnline’s 5,600 ft. studio is the perfect environment, with the ability to deliver multicamera production through a separate capture and teleprompter area.
Live presentations from your laptop or mobile device.
If you would like to work with AthenaOnline to help produce your virtual productions, or to take advantage of some of the existing programs that we are delivering with our sister company IMS, please contact us. We would be happy to have a conversation, share our thoughts, and provide you with some strategies.