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The impact microlearning can have in your organization

Below are a few stories about the impact that bite-sized learning can have in many different areas of an organization; including helping with change, providing SCORM compliant content for an LMS or delivering mobile friendly training in the field.

On-The-Go Employees

Have employees in the field? Athena's mobile friendly approach to eLearning can help by getting people the training they require when and where they need it. It offers a consistent and customizable way for you to train even the most distant of employees.

Transition from Technical Expert to Manager

Moving from technical expert to manager or leader can be difficult. AthenaOnline's bit-sized learning videos help by giving just-in-time support to those learning to lead others. Providing expert advice from authors, coaches and consultants on how to develop the soft-skills required to move from individual contributor to supervisor, manager or leader.

Learning Management System

Just put a Learning Management System (LMS) in place at your organization? Need microlearning content? Athena has you covered with our cost-effective content license that can cover your entire employee population. We will help you curate just the right lessons from our library of over 2,700 SCORM compliant lessons with coaches like Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye, Guy Kawasaki, David Ulrich and many more.

Global Company

If you're a global organization then consistency of learning is critical. With Athena's library of over 2,700 SCORM compliant video modules and the ability to support Closed Captioning in multiple languages you're covered. Curated content options allow you to laser focus on strategic initiatives or the development of managerial competencies to a large group of employees at an affordable cost.

Organizational Change and Transition

How do you support survivors during massive change or even a downsizing? Give them development tools! Microlearning can help get just-in-time, bite-sized learning out to employees and help them feel supported. Microlessons are also effective when you're growing - providing you with a quick and effective way to do onboarding.