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The No Wiggle Room Podcast

Accountability expert and author, Linda Galindo, is your host and puts guests into the No Wiggle Room. Each episode brings you inspiring stories from individuals who share their moments of truth. Subscribe, and enjoy the show!
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5/11/2021 | 32 min
Career development is the single most important tool managers have for driving retention, engagement, productivity, and results but leaders have multiple excuses on why it's hard to do. Listen to Julie's story about how this brought her to the No Wiggle Room and what her solution is.
5/4/2021 | 27 min
As a lover of rhyme, rhythm, and reason Katie shares her passion for teaching through her book series Land Of.....Children's series. In her quest for seeking purpose, she found it here. Listen to her story of finding herself in the No Wiggle Room.
4/27/2021 | 43 min
Tony shares his story of evolution in leadership with his journey through the No Wiggle Room.
5/18/20 | 28 min
After earning her PhD in organic chemistry, Dr. Burts-Cooper realized what was lacking in organizations was not intellectual expertise, but the ability to create cohesive, high-performance teams. Linda invites Ellen into the No Wiggle Room to share her story of discovery.
3/3/2020 | 29 min
Linda takes Michael to The No Wiggle Room to learn how his personal experience battling cancer beside his wife helped him to understand the importance of relationships and connection.
3/3/2020 | 27 min
Quitting her corporate attorney career and following her passion to help entrepreneurs helped Ann Tardy find her moxie. Linda takes Ann to The No Wiggle Room to learn how being direct doesn't have to mean being unkind and the power of mentoring.
3/3/2020 | 32 min
After an injury derailed his professional baseball career, Mike Robbins decided to apply lessons he learned from the sport, and life, to teach others. Linda takes Mike to the No Wiggle Room where he knew he had to decide to pivot and leave baseball behind.