The intersection of AI and L and D
Featured Faculty - Graeme Codrington


MONDAY, JULY 31st, 2023  |  12PM - 1PM EST  |  ZOOM
This special one-hour program for HR leaders looks at the possible impacts of the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence tools.
In this interactive one-hour program, we’ll explore both the potential and pitfalls of AI, and understand how it's already making a significant impact in the field of Learning and Development (L&D). This interactive discussion, led by business futurist Graeme Codrington and Jon Peters, co-creator of the first microlearning platform, AthenaOnline, will delve into the practical applications of ChatGPT for enhancing performance, and promoting personalized learning and upskilling initiatives.
Graeme and Jon will navigate the implications of AI on various aspects of L&D, exploring the role it can play in the creation of personalized learning experiences, interactive tutoring, reinforcing learning, and even generating innovative content for upskilling.
The session will wrap up with a dynamic Q&A segment, focusing on the potential use-cases of AI tools like ChatGPT in various learning contexts. Don't miss this opportunity to gain key insights on the frontier of AI in L&D.
By attending this program, you will receive 30 days of access to a special page of microlearning lessons from Graeme Codrington on using artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT. These lessons will help you better understand the implications of these new AI applications and how they might be leveraged to increase productivity.
SPONSORED BY: AthenaOnline Microlearning and The Institute for Management Studies.
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