Expert: Dr. Larraine Segil

Dr. Larraine Segil

Larraine Segil has been a CEO, entrepreneur, attorney, lecturer and board member for a number of different companies and organizations. She is a seasoned senior executive with expertise in strategic cross cultural conflict resolution and the creation, implementation and management of complex global business alliances and outsourcing relationships. She is the author of six books, including Intelligent Business Alliances, Fast Alliances: Power Your E-Business, Dynamic Leader, Adaptive Organization and Measuring the Value of Partnering.

Larraine was previously the owner and director of Lared Group, which she sold to Vantage Partners. She currently serves on the Boards of several private and publicly traded companies as well as three non-profit boards. Ms. Segil is past Chair of the Foundation and past Vice Chair of the Governing Board of The Committee of 200, Global Women CEO's group. She continues to present keynotes on domestic and global alliances, mergers, critical customer supplier, channel, outsourcing relationships and mentoring to companies worldwide.