Expert: Joyce Gioia

Joyce Gioia

Joyce Gioia is a Business Futurist with a focus on the role of experience in the future of enterprise. She is the CEO of The Herman Group, a firm serving a wide range of international corporate, trade association and governmental clients. Joyce’s first solo book, published in 2023, is titled Experience Rules: How Positive Experiences Will Drive Profit Into The Future. She also co-authored five books, with her partner Roger Herman, on what employers must do to attract, optimize, and hold onto their best employees by taking an internal marketing perspective.

Joyce is a Founding Member of the Association of Professional Futurists and in 2020 was inducted into the Institute Management Consultant’s Hall of Fame. Joyce has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows in the US and abroad and has been quoted in Industry Week, The Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA TODAY, and on National Public Radio. Her own tv show, “It’s Your Future with Joyce Gioia,” debuted last year on the Futures Television Channel of Roku and AppleTV+.