Expert: Joshua Ehrlich

Joshua Ehrlich

Joshua Ehrlich, Ph.D. is a senior advisor and coach who helps leaders drive innovation and change. He is a leading authority on succeeding in demanding environments and an expert in mindful leadership. Josh is the Chairman of the Global Leadership Council - an international network of specialists in leadership and organizational transformation. He provides advanced training for leaders and OD/LD professionals in coaching and mentoring, and serves as a Master Coach Supervisor for the European Coaching and Mentoring Council. He has contributed to the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and NPR, and appeared on Fox News and Voice America. He advises the Aspen Institute on global sustainability and is a featured speaker on Board effectiveness at Stanford's Directors College. His research at Yale and New York University clarified the psychological and physiological mechanisms by which stress impairs effectiveness. Josh is the author of Mindshifting: Focus for Performance (Steiner Books).