Expert: Dr. Andrew Shatte

Dr. Andrew Shatte

Dr. Andrew Shatte is a Managing Director at Adaptiv Learning Systems, a company that specializes in measuring and training in resilience. He has devoted his career to understanding the psychological aspects of motivation and resilience and to developing programs to optimize human performance.

Dr. Shatte is a regular speaker with the Brookings Institution and is a faculty member of One Day University. He served as adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and was a highly decorated teacher. He was voted the best professor by students in the School of Arts and Sciences and also received the Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Dr. Shatte is the original architect of Adaptiv's resilience training programs, including 'Resilience at Work and Home.' He is a Ph.D. psychologist who received his training at the University of Pennsylvania, where he conducted extensive research into the effects of thinking style on resilience, motivation, and performance. Dr. Shatte is co-author of The Resilience Factor.