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Exceptional Women Alliance has earned a distinguished reputation for its transformative impact on the lives of women, achieved through robust peer-to-peer networks comprising accomplished female senior executives and entrepreneurs. They proudly stand as the premier Executive Mentoring Collaborative for Women.


For the very first time, these exceptional women have chosen to generously share their remarkable career journeys and invaluable advice with others through the EWA Coaching Library.
Exceptional Women Alliance and AthenaOnline, the originator of microlearning, have teamed up to offer a growing library of 150+ microlessons from the EWA. These lessons are accessible to everyone within your organization through a donation to the 501c3 Exceptional Women Alliance. A white-labeled portal provides access, complete with an AI coach to assist in providing mentoring advice and to help find relevant lessons. Alternatively, microlessons can be delivered as HTML links or SCORM files, easily integrated into your LMS or LXP platform.
These microlessons from senior executive women cover a wide array of topics, including finding success in male-dominated industries, overcoming imposter syndrome, leadership skills, global work, and effective communication, among others.


Women face unique challenges in the business world, with limited access to management roles and opportunities for growth. Through this Exceptional Women Alliance series we're committed to changing that narrative. This carefully curated series of microlearning lessons is designed to empower women and all professionals, offering a path to success. Lessons address the historical challenges women have faced in business, including limited management roles. Each lesson includes a worksheet with questions for reflection and application of the ideas.
This library will help women cultivate the leadership skills that are essential to advance in their career. Learners will benefit from the wisdom and guidance of experienced professionals who have paved the way, helping women in your organization navigate the complexities of the business world.
We believe that success knows no gender. Learn how this series can leverage the power of women leaders to create a more inclusive and successful organization.