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Microlearning Power to the People

A large part of the power of AthenaOnline's microlearning solution lies in the delivery. With over 20 years of experience and feedback in microlearning we have constantly added and refined features based on feedback from our users. Lessons are flexible and can be shared, put into playlists or delivered as SCORM compliant modules. Sharing of lessons and playlists can even be done outside of the MyQuickCoach platform, allowing you to spread knowledge across the organization, even if employees are not registered. Views for shared lessons and playlists are tracked for you, so you can check their usage anytime you'd like. All lessons are mobile ready for sharing with tablets and phone for those employees on the go-go-go.
Microlearning Player
share e-learning


Help others by sending relevant content
transcript of lessons


Full text supports different learning modalities
e-learning collections


Provides a top to bottom learning path
microlearning playlists


Create learning paths or custom courses of your own
HD video

Widescreen HD

Bigger is better they say, so go full screen for meetings
favorite lessons


Save your best lessons for when you need them
recommend videos


Post lessons and comments on the site homepage
materials to extend learning


Supporting articles and other materials

Closed Captions

Supports ADA section 504 and multiple languages
microlearning follow-up


Customized questions for accountable implementation
Questions can be asked at the end of lessons to check engagement or to further drive implementation. AthenaOnline's default system asks open-ended questions with employee goal-setting in mind. It then sends timed follow up reminders to the user help ensure accountability for application of the concepts they have learned. You can, however, tailor the questions to fit your unique organizational needs or exclude them entirely.
Bullets, animation and other graphics help reinforce the learning. All lessons also include transcripts and closed caption to support different learning modalities, ADA compliance and non-English speaking users.
Go big or go home they say. The AthenaOnline lessons allow you to go to full screen high-definition for using lessons with groups in a classroom setting or a meeting.
If users find an expert they like they can find other Athena lessons from them, articles or even purchase their books through Amazon (optional). They can also connect with them through social feeds like LinkedIn, Facebook or their blogs.